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Pest Control Services for the Boston, MA, Area

City Service Exterminator Co. Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts, offers comprehensive pest control services backed up by years of experience and ongoing education. We have been in business serving the greater Boston area for over 90 years.

We offer both residential and commercial services. Turn to us for an integrated pest management plan that will keep pests out, safely and effectively. This policy of education and communication shows people how we treat, minimize, and avoid pest problems.

We use non-spray methods for roach and ant control.

Pests We Handle

There are all kinds of different possible intruders. If you are not sure what kind of pest you are dealing with, check out for a full list of insects, rodents, spiders, and more, along with pictures and a description of each. We handle rodents (mice, rats) cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, crawling insects, grain insects, etc. We are using roach and ant bait products that are not liquid treatments and environmentally friendly.
You are also welcome to call us at 617-361-3118, and we will be happy to come out and give you a free consultation or answer any questions you have.

We Believe in Education and Communication

We have various pest management programs for managing different pest prevention avoidance and monitoring when possible. We prefer to use materials and methods to reduce environmental risk. Integrated pest management uses the least hazardous approach.

We inspect and evaluate the problem. We give recommendations to discourage pest presence. We evaluate and discuss the results with the customer.
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